Colored Theatre Lights


At sixteen I knew I wanted to be An Actor. I was shown early on what it meant to be trained as a professional Artist. Interacting with students who were in a collegiate artistic program, I discovered what it meant to think of Acting as a Profession and as a Vocation. 

This goal was almost out of reach. After a gap year which I describe as the worst year of my life, I decided that I needed to chase and work hard for the only goal I wanted to achieve at that point in my life. With newfound determination, and the understanding of how precious motivation is, I started my training at The Florida School of the Arts. 

At this gem of a school, I stayed for three years in a conservatory setting. I absorbed all I could about Acting, Directing, Craft, and most importantly I was taught by my dear professor and mentor, that being a Great Artist meant being a Great Person. 

I continued my training and Brenau University with the Gainesville Theatre Alliance, maximizing on my education on what it really meant to commit to your work. 

Today, I continue my training as a Young Artist with a Big Voice. Ive come across countless of Atlanta Professionals who inspire and fight for the Integrity of Art into the community.

In 2020, I experienced the paradigm shift. In 2021, I am dedicating each day to Art and the ways it can bring us together. 

My personal motto is to live in a Personal Age of Unapologetic Creative Energy. In the coming months I hope to bring others with me along on my journey and to put my money where my mouth is by seeing more Art to Completion. 

If our paths cross, I hope we can work together to preserve the importance of the magic of collaboration and to reach new heights of where creativity can take us.