• Brandon Mayes

Jump Into The Future: 2021 & Beyond

There's a trick I've played with myself for the past couple of years, one of the funny quirks I lead with at parties sometimes, but in a sense I know its a huge relatable ice breaker. Around October of every year I let it be known to myself and others that I have jumped into the future- I'm already living for the New Year, baby. Its a funny little game, especially around holiday time and the thanksgiving table, but it serves a powerful purpose thats been officially approved by my therapist as a great tool. Weather you are spiritual or not, you are a person in this world that is ruled by lots of energies. All types, positive, negative, fads, worldly, faith-based, etc. etc. And if you were alive in 2020 you know just how strong a current can hold you and sweep you away. You undeniably have been effected in one way or another, and you may have responded in one or two ways. Either you have fought against the current as hard as you could, or you gave in and found a way to swim with it. No matter which you chose, you were pulled forward, and there are a ton of metaphors I could plug in about falling off your life raft or being detoured by an undertow, but to save us both from that pain I'll share with you the lessons I am learning. Life will be a whole heck of a lot easier if you start allowing the energy around you to be the vessel which propels you rather than keeping you. I've always described this year as a mirror that showed me my truest reflection. It made me reevaluate everything because everything stopped. The environment that ran my life wasn't there anymore, and instead I had the time to see all that I was running from. Some were obvious, things I had been avoiding for quite some time. Some were things I thought I had addressed and were healed, but how wrong I was. It took me over half the year to pull myself out from one of the darkest slumps and dedicate the rest of 2020 into bettering myself. New job, New home, New way of thinking. Those answers and adjustments are up to the individual but the mindset can be universal. Instead of waiting for my normal game in October, I told myself at the end of July I was already in 2021. I understand some people don't have that luxury, the turmoil of the year was paralyzing them with all of its might. But if we hold ourselves up when we have the chance we are even more capable of helping the people in our life need someone to lean on. Now, it is New Years Eve, and Im happy to have won my little game. I truly feel like Ive adjusted for the New Year four months ago. If you know me, you know personal growth is one of my favorite subjects. And the best part of that conversation is that its never ending, and we can never stop going forward. So instead of going backwards or allowing myself to be stagnant, I now have new goals to chase, new sights to see, but I can take the time to be proud of myself for the progress I have made (something that does not come easy for me.) Another little game I will let you in on, is that I've been doing this since I turned 25 that I am already living for my 30's. There are many mantras and mottos about living in the now instead of the future, and in a way these brings both of those philosophies together. For the today, Im taking it one step at a time- really asking myself, what can I do today to better myself? But pretending like it's already tomorrow, It feels as though every day I am beating the part of me that likes to hold me back. He can't touch me because Im already four years ahead of him. That feeling motivates me to keep taking that step each day. I hope in sharing this little trick it helps those of you that feel like this tool can work for you. There are of course days I fall backwards, days in which my reality of today stares me in the face again and anxiety and stress creep in. But I will say, the game that lives on in my head reveals a space on the board that reminds me all the accomplishments I have already achieved. It reminds me that I am capable to accomplish my goals and to move forward. And really, its all about teaching ourselves that our own hands are the ones that can reach out in our time of need, its our own hands that can pull us out from the water, and its our own hands that can push ourselves forward into the future and beyond.

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